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We do all of the work, and all you have to do is follow along together!

If you have a passionate person (or two) interested in leading a growth group in the area of health & fitness then you are in business!  Chiseled Faith is perfect for adding to your small group programs.  Offer as many Chiseled Faith sessions as you like throughout the year.  The Chiseled Faith program will open new doors and effectively reach your congregation and even those outside your walls....expanding your reach!  Of course, we are here every step of the way, providing a wealth of resources for your success.  All you have to do is schedule a 12-week Chiseled Faith session and promote it to your congregation.  We will promote your location on our website.  Lead your congregation to better health, stronger relationships, and enhanced faith.  We look forward to working with you!

Start Your Group

Healthier Congregation

Help your church congregation improve their spiritual enrichment and increase congregation involvement.  Statistically church members attend church only 1.9 times a month.  Provide a program that will engage them more often.

Plug-n-Play Ministry

The Chiseled Faith program is easy to facilitate in a group.  Simply provide a large screen, login your account, and follow along together as a growth group.

Community Outreach

Use the Chiseled Faith program as an outreach opportunity.  Increase community development by inviting non-members to your very own health and fitness program.  As a result, have the opportunity to share Jesus with them through your ministry of health & fitness.

Ministry Investment

Church License Fee


Normally $199

Unlimited Access to the 12 Week Program

12 Weekly Workouts as a Group

12 Weekly Meal Plans 

12 Weekly Inspirational and Biblical Studies 

Digital Copy of Chiseled Faith Book: Your Motivational & Survival Bible to Achieving Your Greatest Health & Fitness Potential

As a Church, you will receive the following benefits:

-Licensing Rights to Chiseled Faith Marketing Materials and Logo

-Discount for your Growth Group Participants



Each Participant


Normally $99


Chiseled Faith Survival Bible

12 Total Body Workouts on Demand

12-Week On Demand Metabolic Transformation Program

Completion Certificate

*Must have promo code from Church Facilitator to receive group rate.


How to Get Started

Facilitating Churches:

  • Select Church Growth Group Ministry Investment option above.
  • One Time Purchase For The Church
  • Select 12 weekly dates that work for your church & promote your 12 Week Chiseled Faith Program.
  • Each participant signs up under your church on the Chiseled Faith website.
  • The church receives 10% tithe for each participant in the Chiseled Faith program.  The more people sign up, the more is tithed to the church.

Church Growth Group Participants:

  • Select the Participant Ministry Investment option above.
  • One Time Purchase
  • You must be affiliated with a church hosting the Chiseled Faith Program to receive discount.
  • At checkout, type the name of the host church for verification.
  • Simply attend the weekly Chiseled Faith classes at your church.

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