FREE Metabolic Training Video: Total Body Cardio, Resistance, and Flexibility Workout

30 Minute Metabolic Training Workout

Maximize your fitness results with the Chiseled Faith workout.  We've taken out the guesswork of creating a workout format so that you can get CRAZY metabolic responses to exercise that transforms your body.   Get your free metabolic training workout  today and start transforming your body by tonight!

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HIIT Cardio

Burn crazy amounts of calories and fat in a short period of time in this High Intensity Interval Training format.

Body Weight Resistance

Within the metabolic training we incorporate upper body, lower body and core exercises using your own body weight to increase metabolically active tissue so that you will continue to burn even more calories up to 36 hours after your workout!

Flexibility & Prayer

Complete your metabolic workout with a complete series of stretches that will leave you feeling long and lean.  Close out the session with prayer and meditation to recenter your mind and outlook for the rest of the day.


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